Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Teaching and Learning Missions. Mission 1

Inspired by @MrsHumanities I am going to be introducing something new to the MFL department tomorrow. Taking her idea of teaching and learning mission cards I am going to be challenging the department to try new ideas each week.

My plan is to send a mission to the department on a Friday afternoon, they apply it to their teaching, give me a quick bit of feedback (email, post-it note on my desk, chat at lunch - however they like) and I will share the feedback around when I send out the next mission. This year we are trying much harder to share as a department, motivate students for MFL learning beyond what's compulsory and adapt teaching to the new specification. I'm hoping that this will be a way of doing it.

As well as serving the aims set out above, preparing the missions is also really helping me.  I'm reading lots of interesting blogs and articles and getting back into reading about pedagogy in a more informal way again after my dissertation.

This week I have taken inspiration from Gianfranco Conti and his 6 things he always does in lessons ( I have asked colleagues to try to 'Prevent the so-what? effect'. Starting the year with students knowing exactly why what we are teaching is worth learning is really important, but will only be effective if we continue throughout the year.

My intention is to start by showing year 7 the importance of learning languages, remind other year groups and put their current learning into context.

I'll let you know how we get on and what we're going to focus on the next week.

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