Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Motivated for MFL study?

As most who follow me will know, because of my frequent moaning, I am currently writing my dissertation for my MA in Education. What you may not know is that I have been looking into how the extended curriculum (including trips in the UK, trips abroad, lunch and after school activities, contact with native speakers etc) affects student motivation to study MFL.

In the course of my research I have surveyed students and teachers about the various activities on offer at their schools and how they think it has influenced their motivation to study MFL. I'll post something more detailed at a later date once the data is analysed, the dissertation is all sent off and it has been marked but it's got me thinking about what I might do differently in September and the sorts of things we could introduce as a department.

I'm going to blog my ideas soon but I'd like to gather together some information on what you all do in your schools. This won't be used at all for the dissertation but will be used in a blog to share the best of what we all have going on. (This is nothing official and please do not take this as a reflection of my approach to my dissertation, this is not linked to my dissertation, just inspired by it).

If you wouldn't mind taking part I'd really appreciate it, I think we can all get something useful from sharing what we have planned.

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  1. We get Y10 students judging our 'Stricty come Spelling' competition (a spin off of the Spelling Bee). Y7s compete and it's great!

    We also have Peer Coaches. Most years we have Y9s taking part in a trip to a local primary school to help on a language day, and it is very much like the Apprentice- they all have their own challenges with the younger students which are MFL-related.

    Older MFL students attend Options Evening alongside staff. We dress as professions!