Sunday, 3 January 2016

#teacher5aday 2016

When I started #happyNQT100 - which I totally forgot to mention on my #nurture1516 post earlier on this weekend, I dropped the ball when it came to #teacher5aday.  Now that #happyNQT100 is over and the new year is with us it seems like a perfect time to start #teacher5aday again and make my pledges to #connect, #exercise, #notice, #learn and #volunteer again.

So, on the eve of starting at my new school my 2016 #teacher5aday pledges are as follows:

My connect pledge is to get to know the other staff in my new school better than I did in my previous.  With MFL being in a different block and having my own classroom to be based in, socialising with other staff was more of an effort and so I didn't do it.  In my new school I'll be sharing an office with my department and will make myself get out and about more.  Make the effort to get to know people in different areas of the school, you never know when you'll need to be on the right side of the reprographics lady!

Oh dear... exercise is not something I've been good at in a very long time.  I have a wii and various fitness programmes for it including cardio and yoga which I have been recommended a lot now.  The next task is to actually use them!  I know I need to though so I'll have to make that conscious effort.

Running along the theme of my #happyNQT100 I aim to notice the positive things every day.  I'm going to think of a hashtag and post a tweet or a picture every day of something positive.  If anyone wants to join me feel free.  I think I'll go with #postitiveteacher or #positivetweacher maybe?

My #learn is the same as last year, not because I failed at it but because it continues.  I started my MA Education back in July and need to get to the end of it!  I have an assignment due soon and then onto the dissertation - I seriously need some inspiration on that front!

Although I'm going to hold back and not #volunteer straight away I plan to get involved at school.  Whether that is running some MFL related activity or joining in with the music department (who I am already due to support for a few hours a week) I don't know yet.

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