Monday, 26 October 2015

Questions for music teachers.

As some already know, I may well be teaching a few hours of KS3 Music from January.  It's not confirmed yet but music is the closest to a second subject outside of MFL I have got and it's something I'm keen to try - with the right support of course.  Of course Twitter is the first place I turn to for these sorts of things, so the following are things I would like to find out from music teachers.  If I get enough responses I'll write up a summary blog.

To give you some background about me.  I am in my second year of teaching Spanish and French but my interest in music comes from my involvement in music at school.  I studied music up to A level and took grades in Saxophone and music theory.  I have some keyboard skills but they are not fantastic!  I've had involvement in school bands and choirs, both participating and leading but not for some years now!

The questions are listed below, please comment or tweet me with your responses to some/all of the questions.  They can also be found at the following address if you find that easier:

1) What would be your top tip for someone teaching KS3 music for the first time?

2) What would you say are the unique points about teaching music in comparison to other subjects?

3)What would you describe as the biggest challenges in teaching KS3 music?

4)What do you find most enjoyable about KS3 music?

5) What preparation would you recommend I do between now and January?

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