Tuesday, 28 July 2015

#HappyNQT100 - 100 days later.

Just over 100 days ago I started the hashtag #HappyNQT100, I blogged about it here.  When I began I thought I'd be the only one, or that I'd have a couple of people join me if I was lucky.  I was not expecting the response that came my way.  Quickly I had messages from between 20 and 30 NQTs in support of the idea and saying they'd join in.  Of course, many of these dropped along the way but a core group stuck it out until the end.

Before I reflect on #happyNQT100 and where it goes next, here are a selection of our 100 days:

'Teacher friends' from my PGCE are visiting, cannot wait to offload some stress and share our progress over some cocktails #HappyNQT100

There were many many more to choose from but there would be far too many to put them all here!  Sorry if your tweet didn't make it or if some people feature heavily - I've just picked a few of the best.

What #happyNQT100 has appeared to do is to help NQTs find the positives in every day, even on the days where it wasn't obvious.  Here are some of the comments:

Some people even said they intend to carry on as it so was so positive.  I'm so pleased that I could start something like this and see it grow and affect so many people.  Wellbeing/work-life balance/stress relief - whatever you want to call it, is so important for teachers at all stages of their career, so why not start as you mean to go on?

So where does #HappyNQT100 go next?  Despite not being an NQT myself any more I will be promoting #HappyNQT100 throughout the year and hoping to get lots of new NQTs on board, starting at whatever point they wish.  I really believe that it's just the sort of boost NQTs need and helps you to build your support network.  I'll also be speaking about it at PedagooHamps in September.

Take a look at #HappyNQT100 on twitter yourself if you need any more evidence!

Looks like we already have our next participant!

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