My writing elsewhere

Some of my writing has been posted elsewhere, a selection of links are below.

UKEdChat reblog
NQT Year is over...
My #summer10
Getting my teaching mojo back

Times educational supplement (TES) 
Getting my teaching mojo back Here (October 2014)

Times Educational Supplement - New Teachers 
(Blog posts also published on this site).
Reflecting on every breath, or so it seems!
Three days in and not a student in sight (9th September 2013)
It's been a long time coming (30th August 2013)
Going directly to the issue at hand (31st July 2013)
An enjoyable week but not for me, thanks! (24th July 2013)
New Staff Day (15th July 2013)
Taking a step into the unknown (21st June 2013)
Preparation for September Begins (5th June 2013)
When things start to get real (May 2013)

Third Year Abroad
Ebooks vs Real Books on the year abroad. (March 2012)
The Mole Diaries- Granada (February 2012)
The Mole Diaries- Brussels (October 2011)

Personal Blog
Bex Trex - Blogging on my undergraduate year abroad from Valencia, Brussels and Granada.  Also features a few posts on other topics. (August 2011-early 2013)

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